Enterprise Architecture Workshop

(Page updated 24 Sep 2015)

Modeling at the Enterprise Level:

Bringing Solution and Enterprise Architects Together

29 September 2015 - Ottawa (Canada)

Part of
ACM/IEEE 18th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages & Systems

27 Sept - 2 Oct 2015 - Ottawa (Canada)


  • This workshop will provide an overview of how Enterprise Architecture (EA) is implemented in various organizations. It will also highlight how EA is used to directly support the business in coordination with strategic and investment planning or as a CIO function to ensure the efficient and effective application of information technology. EA leaders/Practitioners will present their implementations from different industry illustrating different frameworks, implementations (including tools) and lessons learned. These presentations will include models that are heuristic as well as algorithmic in nature.


  • Software engineers and their methodologies could improve their outcomes by leveraging the models created by the Enterprise Architecture community.


  • To make software engineers more aware of EA and how it can be leveraged to improve the business effectiveness of the IT Infrastructure (including business, application, information, technology and security architectures) by sharing EA models.

Topics of interest

  • EA has become very diverse as it deals with the different stakeholder concerns in many industry domains, with varying levels of business (non-IT) involvement. Dealing with the qualitative, heuristic nature of much of the modeling is a particular challenge for the models community.

Intended audience

  • This workshop is targeted at experienced software engineers , enterprise and domain architects and modellers.

Relevance to the MODELS Community

  • The models community could enhance their offerings by adapting/adopting EA models that are mainly business generated. EA provides critical context for all models.


0900 - 0930 - " Workshop Introduction" Bob Weisman - Chair

0930 - 1030 - " What is Enterprise Architecture - An Model-Based Introduction" - Bob Weisman - Chair 

1030 - 1100 - Coffee Break

1100 - 1115 - " Using Requirement Modeling Framework for developing Online Business Processes " Mohammad Alhaj, Kavya Mallur and Liam Peyton (30 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of questions) 

1115 - 1230 - " A Model-based Quality Assurance Framework for Online Business Processes" Kavya Mallur, Mohammad Alhaj, Liam Peyton and Bernard Stepien (30 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of questions) 

1230 - 1400 - Lunch and Networking

1400 - 1730 - Workshop Discussion and formulation of White Paper on ways of leveraging enterprise models in software architecture models.


  • Organizer - Robert Weisman MSc, PEng, PMP, CD, Part-time Professor and PhD Candidate - University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Suzanna Porebski M.Sc., P.M.P, Chief IM/IT Architecture Enterprise Architecture Transport Canada
  • Andrew John Bystrzycki, MBA, PEng, Formerly Federal Government Strategy and IM Executive
  • Dr. Timothy Lethbridge, University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • (Others Invited pending acceptance)


You can register for the entire conference or just the workshop at http://cruise.eecs.uottawa.ca/models2015/registration.html

(Please note that there are special discounts available for Association of Enterprise Architects members.)


  • The workshop proceedings will tentatively be published on CEUR-WS (http://ceur-ws.org/).

Important Dates

  • Workshop Date: 29th of September 2015